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The Exeter understand the importance of putting financial support in place for your family should the worst happen, but also recognise that this is not always quite so straightforward. With that in mind, they offer 2 types of life insurance cover to make insurance accessible for all.

The Exeter can deliver specialist, valuable cover to those who have found it difficult to access the right cover previously. They understand that good health can sometimes be hard to maintain.

At Caspian Insurance, we work with The Exeter to bring accessible and affordable life insurance to those who have a chronic or serious health condition. If you are having trouble finding the right life insurance policy to suit your circumstances, our services are available to help make it simple for you.

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About The Exeter Life Insurance


Life insurance from The Exeter is unique as the cover reflects the realities of modern life. 

Real Life cover by The Exeter is designed for those who have found it difficult to secure life insurance due to serious or multiple health conditions. Many other insurance providers may reject applications of this kind, making The Exeter a favourable choice for those with a troubled medical history.

Life insurance from The Exeter is available as either level or decreasing cover, depending on your needs. Real Life policies include Terminal Illness benefits and Accidental Death Benefit as standard, giving you one less thing to worry about.

We work with The Exeter because we believe that life insurance should be accessible to everyone, no matter your situation. Protecting your family with financial support can be invaluable at a time when help is needed most, and it is important that you can feel secure knowing your loved ones will be looked after if the worst should happen.

We can compare The Exeter life insurance policies, alongside other leading UK providers, to find the right one for you. Get in touch to find out more.

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