Simple ways to minimise stress in your everyday life

Stress isn't just a minor inconvenience - it can significantly impact your health if not managed properly.

While it's challenging to avoid stress entirely, learning to manage it effectively is crucial. Here are some of our top tips for managing stress.


Practising mindfulness involves being fully present and aware of your thoughts and feelings without distraction or judgement. Engaging in mindfulness can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

With a qualifying life insurance policy from Vitality, you receive a 12-month subscription to Headspace.* This app offers tools like SOS sessions for stressful situations, mini-meditations for a quick mental reset, and a wide range of guided meditations on sleep, focus, and exercise.

Embrace and manage your feelings

Understanding and acknowledging your emotions can help you manage stress effectively. This means recognising what situations trigger your stress, actively seeking solutions, and taking constructive steps to address those triggers.

Methods may include:

  • Consulting with mental health professionals
  • Having strong support networks like friends and family
  • Changing lifestyle choices that contribute to stress

By accepting your emotions, you can empower yourself to take control and act on improving your situation.

Stop bottling it up

Keeping your stress to yourself can often worsen the situation.

Opening up to a trusted loved one is essential, but sometimes, seeking professional help night be necessary, especially if the stress is becoming overwhelming.

Many life insurance policies offer free mental health support as part and parcel of having a policy with them, some of which can include counselling sessions through your benefits at no extra cost.**

You are what you eat

Nutrition plays a crucial role in how you feel daily. Fast-paced lives can lead to neglected diets, but it's important to remember that food is fuel.

If you have a life insurance policy with AIG, you will be provided access to free, tailored nutrition plans designed by expert nutritionists to cater to a variety of dietary needs and goals.

Use your free benefits

Life insurance policies come with several wellbeing benefits that can help and alleviate stress.

These benefits often include free GP appointments, therapy sessions, and support from mental health professionals, which can be incredibly beneficial during tough times.

Money, money, money!

Finances are understandably a source of stress for many. Life insurance is one of the first steps to give you and your loved ones some financial peace of mind.

By sorting your life insurance, you might feel instant peace of mind. Not having to worry about whether or not your family will be financially taken care of after you're gone is a huge stress relief.

Reduce screen time

In today's digital age, it's easy to become overwhelmed with constant notifications and the negative news cycle, often referred to as 'doom scrolling'.

To combat this, make a conscious effort to decrease your screen time, particularly during work hours, and take regular breaks. Being selective with what you consume on social media can help you maintain a healthier, more positive mental state.

Get active

Regular physical activity boosts endorphins, which can improve mood and reduce feelings of stress. Most life insurance providers, including AIG, offer complimentary services such as personalised fitness plans designed by professional coaches and nutritionists.

Focus on self-care

It's vital to prioritise your well-being by engaging in self-care practices that resonate with you.

Whether it's reading, taking baths, or practising hobbies that you love, ensure to dedicate time for activities that promote your mental, physical, and emotional health. This approach not only helps in reducing stress but also enhances your overall quality of life.

Put pen to paper

Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a powerful way to manage stress.

This practice helps in organising thoughts, making sense of emotions, and even identifying triggers. Whether you keep a journal as a hobby or use it to help cope with stress, the act of writing can be incredibly therapeutic.

Establish a routine

Creating and sticking to a routine can provide a sense of order and predictability, which can be calming during times of stress.

A consistent daily schedule helps with time management and ensures that work and relaxation are balanced. This can significantly reduce feelings of overwhelm and increase one's control over daily activities.

Learn to say no

One common source of stress is overcommitment.

Saying no to additional responsibilities can help you manage your workload and reduce stress. Prioritise your tasks and commitments, focusing on what is truly necessary and beneficial to your well-being.

Nature therapy

Spending time in nature can have a therapeutic effect on your mental health.

Regular walks in a park or time spent in green spaces can help decrease stress levels and improve your mood. The natural environment instils a sense of peace and tranquillity, which is especially beneficial for combating stress.

Limit caffeine and sugar intake

While caffeine and sugar can offer a quick energy boost, they can also lead to energy crashes and increased anxiety. Try to reduce your intake of coffee, soft drinks, and sugary snacks, especially in the latter part of the day.

Learn relaxation techniques

Techniques such as yoga or tai chi can significantly reduce physical and mental stress. These practices encourage bodily awareness and relaxation, helping to alleviate the symptoms of stress.

Every little helps

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn't have to overwhelm your day-to-day life. By integrating these strategies, you can effectively manage and reduce your stress levels.

Remember, the key to successful stress management is consistency and willingness to adapt different techniques to see what works best for you. Don't hesitate to seek professional help if your stress becomes too challenging to handle alone.

Try out these tips and start your journey towards a less stressed version of yourself.

*Headspace reward is available on qualifying plans and is subject to T&C's -

**Free additional benefits are not contractual and may be removed at any time.