How having life insurance helps minimise the strain on the NHS

Figures show that NHS waiting lists have hit a record high, currently at a staggering 7.8 million.

Getting a GP appointment can be a nightmare. Waiting times for mental health support are at a record high. It feels more challenging than ever to get the help we need.

And if you haven’t experienced the strain on the NHS yourself, you’ll know someone who has. But how can your life insurance policy help?

GP appointments don’t need to be a nightmare

Loads of the UK’s top life insurance providers include 24/7 GP appointments in their wellbeing benefits.*

Having access to this benefit means UK-based GP, either online or over the phone, any time of the day, any day of the week.

Can’t sleep because you’re worried about those migraines you’ve been getting? You can get in touch with GP at any hour. Your child is displaying symptoms you’ve never seen? You’re a phone call away from a GP’s opinion.

Mental health support

When your mental health is suffering, waiting for treatment is the last thing you want to do.

But when you have a policy with one of the UK's top insurers, you’ll be able to access free mental health support as just one of the many benefits that you can have included with your policy.

AIG, for example, offers help from qualified mental health experts. You can benefit from up to four free therapy sessions with their Smart Health benefits.

Not just for you

So these benefits are great. But what’s better? Most providers will give your partner and children up to the age of 21 access too.

If you already have a policy in place, make sure you and your loved ones are taking advantage of everything your policy has to offer!

The extra support doesn’t stop there

Insurers are getting more and more generous with the benefits they offer. Here are some of the highlights from some of the Uk’s top providers:

  • Scottish Widows - Access to personal nurses for long-term illness, trauma, grief, disability, remote GP and prescription services for the whole family
  • AIG - 24/7 GP access, fitness and nutrition advice, mental health support, health checks, second medical opinions - all available 365 days a year, at no extra cost
  • Royal London - Personalised health reports for a healthy lifestyle, access to Thrive app for mental wellbeing
  • Legal and General - RedArc benefits included in all policies, wellbeing support without affecting your policy and access to healthcare professionals for faster recovery and health support

  • Aviva - Digicare+ app offers annual health checks, mental health support, fitness, second medical opinions and free psychotherapy sessions and parenting advice for children under 16
  • Vitality - Rewards for keeping active, including cinema tickets, free Caffè Nero coffee every week, discounts on fitness watches and so much more

To sum it up

Life insurance is so much more than, well, life insurance.

You get the cover, you get the peace of mind but you also get loads of free benefits added. At no extra cost too. It doesn’t get better than that people!

This is your sign to get a life insurance policy, and if you’ve already got one - this is your sign to start using your free benefits!

*Free benefits are not contractual and may be removed at any time