Do You Need a Life Insurance Adviser?

Most people are likely to need financial advice at least once in their lives. So, how do you know when it’s time to find an adviser?

If you’re facing a big decision when it comes to spending or investing money, advice can be invaluable. Buying a house, or taking out life insurance, can be rare or one-off occurrences, meaning you might have little experience. While you could ask family and friends for guidance or even look online, neither can give you as much confidence as unbiased advice from an experienced professional.

What are the benefits of getting advice?

Getting advice can be helpful whether you’re new to life insurance or not. A life insurance adviser can help you make sense of the different policies, and which type of cover is best suited to you. Getting advice on life insurance could save you time, effort and even money.

When you seek advice, there’s no obligation to take it any further. An adviser will have access to wider choices than life insurance providers. This means you’re more likely to find the right policy at the right price.

What is the role of a life insurance adviser?

Taking out life insurance can feel like a complicated process. An adviser can help ease the process and offer specialist support and guidance. Explaining why and how the options meet your needs, as well as giving tailored recommendations.

A life insurance adviser is there to help you find the most suitable options, based on your personal circumstances. They will carry out a fact find by asking questions about what you’re looking for, before comparing a range of providers. This can help provide you with a range of insurance quotes. 

What are the benefits of a life insurance insurance adviser?

A life insurance adviser is an expert in their field, acting in your best interest. They put your needs first, getting to know your circumstances. With access to a wide panel of providers and not tied to one insurer, they could find a better deal for your insurance cover.

Is the advice unbiased?

Advisers aren’t generally tied to a particular insurer or provider (they can be). They usually search a panel of providers, looking for what best matches your needs. Advisers and brokers are usually paid in commission by the provider. This means the service of an adviser is usually free, but don’t be afraid to ask if you aren’t sure!

What's the best way to find a financial adviser?

It’s important to find a life insurance adviser that will give you helpful and insightful information. Do some research to help you find reputable advisers with a proven track record. Trustpilot can help, with countless customer reviews to give you a real insight into a company’s performance.

At Caspian Insurance, our service is rated Excellent on Trustpilot. We’ve received hundreds of wonderful reviews from our customers and are currently rated number 1 on Trustpilot in a range of categories.

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