Caspian completes 2022 Macmillan Mighty Hike

On Saturday 18th June, 11 of us from Caspian dared to brave the Lake District 2022 Macmillan Mighty Hike. The 26 mile hike takes 1000’s of participants from the grounds at Dalemain House, all the way round to Lowther Castle and as a team, we covered some serious ground, walking just over 650,000 steps in total - an astonishing amount!

The day kicked off at 6am, heading from Manchester to the Lakes District by coach and with excitement (and tiredness) in the air, we were all raring to go. We set off from the starting line at around 8:30am, and made a racing start, admiring the stunning scenery of the Lake District as we walked.

The event was organised meticulously, there were Macmillan helpers dotted all throughout the course, who spurred us on with support and advice over the entirety of the hike. There were also two pit stops along the way, and a huge lunch buffet in the middle which allowed us to have a little rest and stock up on all the sweets, chocolates, and fruit we could fit in our backpacks!

Every person we came across during the hike was so motivational, and you could truly feel the sense of determination from everyone taking part. At the finish line, everyone cheers as your name is read out and you are welcomed with a medal, pizza and a glass of bubbly. It was an unforgettable day and every ache and pain is worth it for such an amazing charity.

So far, from our fundraising efforts for the Mighty Hike, the team at Caspian have raised a total of £4,043.00 for Macmillan - and counting! The total is rising every day and every little counts. Sadly, we all know the heartbreak that cancer can cause and the work that Macmillan does is so important. If you still want to donate, click here to go to our JustGiving page, and thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

What the team had to say

Here is what some of our Caspian Mighty Hikers had to say about their experience;

Hayley, Head of Marketing - “I found the Mighty Hike to be the most amazing experience, and a personal achievement. The sense of community from Macmillan and everyone who took part was so uplifting, and helped me to get through the challenging hike. Unfortunately we all know someone who has been affected by cancer, but the hike taught me that by working together we can achieve amazing things and raise a huge amount of money for charity.”

Tasha, Senior Administrator - “The atmosphere was amazing and I was so impressed with how organised the event was. Every mile was a challenge but so worth it for the feeling at the end. Absolutely loved it and proud of how much everyone pushed themselves!”

Becca, Marketing Executive - “This was a very special and proud day to me. You have so many choices throughout - whether to quit, fall or cry and you just have to keep telling yourself 'I can do this'. The fact that I finished - there is no better satisfaction. I really learnt a lot about myself, and what my body could do during those 26 miles."

Emily, Content and Copywriting Executive - “I definitely underestimated how hard the day would be, and so many times I had to mentally dig deep to get myself to the end. It was one of the most challenging things I have ever done but I am so unbelievably proud of myself, the team, and everyone who took part. I will never forget the feeling of pure joy and relief when I crossed the finish line!”

Matt, Senior Designer - “I wouldn’t have been able to complete it anywhere near as fast, if at all, if it wasn’t for the group pushing me and keeping me motivated. Even just keeping me company, having a group to chat to and make jokes with made the whole experience so much easier and way more fun.”

John, Customer Care Administrator - “Before we went, I never thought about how the day would be structured, but I knew I felt healthy enough to do it. The final result was an amazing day; yes it was challenging, especially that last 7 miles but it was worth it to raise money for such an amazing charity and chat to a group of immensely friendly people. I just loved it!”

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