How can your insurance be a mental health safety net?

No matter what policy you have, whether it's life cover, critical illness insurance, or income protection, the purpose remains the same - to financially protect you if you pass away or become ill or injured.

Some even refer to insurance as a safety net - there to support you, if you fall financially. But did you know your policy could also be a safety net for your mental health?

How it works

It's simple. All you need to do is take out a life insurance policy.

Then, from the moment you're covered, you'll have instant access to your insurer's wellbeing benefits*. This, of course, includes your mental health support.

Your benefits will be ready and waiting for you if you or your family ever need to use them. No fuss, no tricks, just help when you need it.

Wellbeing benefits can change everything

The wellbeing support included in your cover all depends on who your insurer is. Below's a breakdown of the mental health support some top insurers offer.

  • Vitality offers two levels of mental health support. The core cover, included with your policy, provides up to 8 CBT or counselling sessions per year. For an additional premium, their mental health cover offers unlimited talking therapies, £1,500 in out-patient cover, and no annual limit for hospital stays.

  • AIG's free Smart Health app offers plenty of options. Its six core features include 24/7 online GP appointments and second medical opinions. Most importantly, the mental health arm of this app provides up to four therapy sessions yearly for mental health support.

  • Royal London offers access to Thrive: Mental Wellbeing when you take out a policy with them. This NHS-approved app provides personalised recommendations to prevent, detect, and manage mental health conditions.

  • Liverpool Victoria can support both you and your partner. You can receive five remote sessions per year at no extra cost. Treatment options include counselling, CBT, and other face-to-face consultations if needed. This support covers anxiety, depression, substance abuse, OCD, PTSD, sleep, and eating disorders.

  • Legal and General offer wellbeing benefits with their cover. Their mental health support can help you with anxiety, stress, grief, and relationships, and they also provide access to counselling if needed.

  • Aviva provides the Digicare+ app to everyone who has an insurance policy with them. Like AIG's wellbeing support, which also offers therapy sessions, Aviva offers six video or phone psychotherapy sessions.

It's more than mental health support

Your benefits don't just stop there. Most of the UK's top insurers offer other free additional benefits with your policy. These include:

  • 24/7 access to GP consultations - online or by phone
  • Fitness plans and advice
  • Annual health checks
  • Second medical opinions
  • Personalised nutrition plans and advice

This is your sign

If you have a life insurance policy and still need to use your free benefits, we urge you to use them.

According to our research, 90% of those who said mental health support was the most useful benefit have not used the mental health support with their policy.

When it comes to mental health, prevention is just as important as treatment. But accessing help can be timely, meaning so many people put off asking for help until their mental health is at an all time low.

But with access to free mental health support with your policy, asking for help may not feel as difficult.

How we can help

If you still need cover - stop your search.

We have everything you need to help find the right insurance for you and your family. Our team of friendly advisors is qualified to search the market and help you find your perfect policy.

Start your free life insurance quote today and get one step closer to financial peace of mind. The cherry on top? Free wellbeing benefits for you and your family.

*Free benefits are not contractual and may be removed at any time