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What are Non-Medically Underwritten Policies?

Non-medically underwritten life insurance policies do not require a medical examination in order to get cover. Non-medical insurance is an appealing choice if you are not sure whether you can get life insurance due to your health, or if you want extra cover without having to go through a routine of questions.

Non-medically underwritten insurance can offer you the chance to have a policy without medical underwriting. This can be a desirable choice if you have a history of illness.

Non-medically underwritten policies may speed up the process of getting life insurance cover.

What does non-medically life insurance mean?

Despite sounding similar, Non-medical life insurance is different from non-medically underwritten policies. A no-medical policy is also known as a no physical, no health exam or no medical policy. This is a policy whereby the insurer only uses your existing health information for underwriting purposes. Non-medical life insurance does not require a medical exam or questionnaire. Instead, underwriting is completed by simple questions and available information, such as records from your doctor visits. It means that you can get coverage for your life insurance, without the hassle of a medical exam.

There is a common misconception that there is no medical underwriting involved in a policy of this kind. This is not the case. The medical underwriting of a non-medical policy may involve your medical history from the doctor, as opposed to undergoing an exam to give new blood and urine samples, for example.

You may be able to add your children to a policy of this kind, which can also protect them from a multitude of things. This may include things like a cancer benefit, which may pay out a fixed sum should your child be diagnosed.

How does a non-medically underwritten policy work?

When you take out regular life insurance cover, most providers will require answers to a series of questions about your health, lifestyle and family health history. Providers can also ask that you take a medical exam if you have had previous health conditions.

This type of policy is known as a fully underwritten life insurance policy. It is sometimes not a desirable choice for those who are in good health, as it may increase the cost of your cover or you may not be eligible for the policy. This is because the provider will compare your medical exam results with their medical underwriting criteria, in order to determine what cover and what premiums to charge and whether or not the risk is worth the premiums.

On the other hand, non-medically underwritten insurance virtually can always be approved on the very same day, giving you peace of mind that you are protected quickly. Non-medically underwritten insurance comes with great benefits such as hospitalisation cover, broken bone cover and even accidental death.

How much does no-medical life insurance cost?

When you take out life insurance cover, your provider will often ask straightforward questions about your age, weight, height, as well as your occupation and whether or not you smoke. Your answers can contribute to your risk levels; if you are deemed high risk, you may be asked to have a medical exam.

However, if you do not smoke and you are generally healthy, the insurance company will likely cover you without needing a medical.

The cost of no-medical life insurance can depend greatly on your current lifestyle and health condition. While it is true that a non-medical life policy can be more costly than its opposing counterpart, the benefits are often worth it.


Please note that the descriptions above do not constitute as financial advice and may change dependent on individual circumstances and budgetary requirements. For quick and easy quotes, please get in touch on 0161 241 6146 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisors will be able to help.

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